#7: Floyd Lawton, Deadshot

#7: Floyd Lawton, Deadshot

Art by Tony S. Daniel and Matt Banning

Two origins have been told of Deadshot, the world’s greatest marksman, and these two origins are seemingly opposites. The first tells of a young and rich Floyd who was neglected, while his older brother, Eddie, was favored by both parents. Floyd idolized his older brother as a result. When their father was discovered to be unfaithful, the Lawtons’ mother asked the boys to kill him. Eddie followed the orders while Floyd was reluctant. Eddie managed to paralyze their father before Floyd was able to stop him with a hunting rifle. Floyd intended to only disarm his brother, but he missed when the branch he sat upon broke. This caused the shot to land in the forehead of his brother, killing him instantly.

The second origin tells of an abusive father who frequently beat Eddie and Floyd. However, Eddie would often take the brunt of the beatings for his younger brother. One day, their mother encouraged Floyd to kill his father. He grabbed a hunting rifle and took aim. He had his father in his sites, but he flinched before he fired. The bullet missed his father and hit Eddie right between the eyes. Floyd promised no bullet of his would ever miss again.

Floyd eventually received training from the assassin David Cain, and, in his first appearance, he became a gun-toting vigilante in Gotham City. He wore a top hat, monocle, and domino mask. He never missed, but he never shot to kill. This endeared him to Gotham, as the city was missing Batman and Robin at the time. When the Dynamic Duo returned, they were immediately suspicious of Deadshot. After investigating, Batman discovered that he is actually working with the criminal elite to distract law enforcement from their activities. He learns of Deadshot’s secret identity and arrests Floyd Lawton.

Deadshot eventually breaks out of prison, and he arms himself with the infamous laser monocle which he actually stole from the Penguin. This time, he wears a white mask, a red suit, and wrist-mounted guns. He blames Batman for ruining his life and attempts to kill him. He is defeated and imprisoned once more.

After more clashes between Deadshot and the heroes of Earth, including battles with the Flash, the Creeper, Talia al Ghul, and the Human Target, he is recruited by Amanda Waller to be a member of the clandestine Task Force X in return for time off from prison. He agrees and is put on the Suicide Squad. His first two missions on the Squad were the assassination of Brimstone, a massive being created by Darkseid, and an attempted assassination of Captain Boomerang, who was threatening to go public about Task Force X. The first was successful, but the second was thwarted by Rick Flag and Enchantress.

Despite being able to go free, Deadshot decides to stay on the Suicide Squad. Some say it is due to a death wish, but Deadshot says it is for the challenge. His following missions bring him to killing the villains known as Manticore and Jaculi, impersonating a violent racist known as William Hell, attempting the arrest of Firestorm, almost killing Blue Beetle, fighting an army of Manhunter androids, coming to blows with Batman, and doing battle with Justice League International.

Deadshot is eventually given a contract to save his son by his ex-wife. He takes a leave of absence from the Suicide Squad to complete this. He goes on a violent rampage, gunning down droves of criminals to find him. His son, however, is killed by a vicious pedophile named Wes Anselm. Deadshot kills the man, and he discovers his mother was the one who orchestrated the kidnapping, wanting Floyd to finally kill his father. He cripples her and returns to the Suicide Squad.

A man named Derek Tolliver and a senator named Cray begin trying to manipulate the Suicide Squad for their own ends. Flag decides to assassinate the two of them, but Waller sends the Squad to stop him. Deadshot arrives on the scene at the Lincoln Memorial Rick Flag about to kill Cray, and Deadshot kills the senator instead. Deadshot convinces Flag to escape when the police arrive, and Deadshot enters into a shootout with law enforcement. He is eventually brought down and hospitalized by multiple gunshot wounds.

Deadshot was hired by Kobra to kill Deathstroke and Peacemaker. This leads to a clash agains the two, but Peacemaker sends Deadshot back with a higher bid to kill Kobra. He is then captured by Kobra, but he escapes and kills captor, a woman named Gennifer. He is paired with Bronze Tiger to go after Deathstroke again when the mercenary is framed for treason, and he manages to succeed in this task.

When the demon Neron began empowering supervillains, he brings Deadshot in to make a deal. Deadshot accepts and is teamed with other assassins Bolt, Merlyn, Deadline, and Chiller. They become the “Killer Elite” and are told to pull off their dream murder. Deadshot tries to blow up a kindergarten class to “demonstrate the meaninglessness of life”, but he is stopped by Obsidian. The two do battle, and Obsidian wins.

Deadshot’s subsequent contracts involve the hunting of Hawk and Dove, Batman, and an invitation to a false Secret Society (which was in reality a ruse posed by the Justice League).

He joins up with the Killer Elite for a riot at Iron Heights. However, everyone there becomes infected with Joker Venom, as the Joker is in the midst of a globe-trotting crime spree because he believes he is dying. Due to previous tension on the Squad between Captain Boomerang and Deadshot, including Boomerang allowing Deadshot’s uniform to be stolen in a drunken stupor and Deadshot attempting to kill Boomerang by shooting his hands to get him to fall off of a cliff, Deadshot infects Captain Boomerang with the Venom as well. However, the riot and Deadshot are brought down by the Flash.

Deadshot then discovers he has a daughter named Zoe who lives in a crime-ridden portion of Star City. He wants to help her, so he engages in a violent war on crime in the area. Green Arrow attempts to halt this, but Deadshot manages to kill many of the gangs infesting this borough. He eventually convinces Green Arrow to watch this portion of the city more, and Lawton fakes his own death to escape capture by the Emerald Archer.

During the Infinite Crisis, Deadshot was recruited to be a part of the first iteration of the Secret Six under Lex Luthor, and he finds a friend and confidant in fellow criminal Catman. This operation allowed him to give large sums of money to Zoe and her mother in Star City.

Lawton rejoined the Suicide Squad to round up a number of rogues and imprison them on a far-off planet called Salvation. He becomes obsessed with bringing in Pied Piper and the Trickster, even going so far as to kill the Trickster. In the end, he and fellow Squad-member Bane are tricked into being sent to Salvation too. This planet is discovered to be a hellscape, and the rogues there are attacked by Parademons. The villains eventually find a teleporter and are able to return to Earth.

Deadshot returned to the Secret Six and was among their roster during the Blackest Night and the events that led up to Flashpoint.

After the universal rebirth of the New 52, Deadshot is threatened by the Kobra Cult who kidnap his daughter. Deadshot turns to Batman for help. Batman agrees, but tells Lawton that he cannot kill anyone. They manage to save Zoe, but Deadshot reneges on the deal and kills the man that held her. Batman takes him down and brings him in as a result.

This led to his renewed membership on the Suicide Squad. He has since partaken in a number of new missions with the Suicide Squad, including fighting off a techno-organic zombie-like virus, an espionage mission in Russia to kill an oil baron which led to a clash with the Rocket Reds, killing an attempted replacement named Will Evans, and many other violent and deadly operations.

Deadshot is a man dedicated to his craft. He has a complicated personality and whiplashing emotions. He is not interested in wealth, but he continues his assassin work regardless. He doesn’t seem to care much for humanity, but the Suicide Squad seems to have awoken some dormant wonting to put his skills to some form of a positive use. He is also always looking for a challenge, and the Squad has given him this as well. He cares deeply for those who do manage to get close to him. The tale of Zoe shows this, as Floyd seems to feel that, if he brought her into this wretched world, he will do anything to make her stay here better.

He also values his reputation greatly. He is the world’s greatest marksman, and he will maintain that reputation no matter what. If dirty work must be done, it may as well be done well. These philosophies are what have earned Deadshot the place as my 7th Favorite DC Villain of all time.

#1: The Flash, the Fastest Man Alive: Barry Allen

#1: The Flash, the Fastest Man Alive: Barry Allen


When he was a child, Barry Allen’s mother was killed, and his father was blamed for the crime. He knew, deep down, that his father could not have committed the act. This created an interest in justice for Barry that would carry through to his adulthood and chosen career. He became a forensic scientist and worked to investigate crimes for the police force of Central City, but he always kept the death of his mother at the back of his mind. One night, while working in the lab, a lightning storm hit. A bolt crashed through a window, striking and launching him into a cocktail of chemicals. This freak accident gave Barry a body and mind that could move near the speed of light. He used these abilities to protect the Gem Cities of Central and Keystone, becoming the Flash, the Fastest Man Alive!

The Flash was a founding member of the Justice League and fought villains as varied as Gorilla Grodd, the Trickster, and Captain Cold. He took on Wally West, nephew of his love, Iris West, as his partner when he manifested super speed of his own.

He married Iris West, and the two began to build a life together. However, she was killed by Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom, another being with super speed akin to the Flash’s. He chased him down, eventually losing him in the time stream. When Flash found Zoom again, he accidentally killed him in battle. He used his speed powers to time travel to the 30th Century to escape the pain of his time period. There, he found a reborn Iris. The two restarted their life together, and Barry Allen retired as the Flash. The two even had kids, named Don and Dawn.

When the multiverse began to collapse in the event known as the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Barry was forced to leave retirement, as the 30th Century was beginning to collapse. He was instrumental in stopping the being known as the Anti-Monitor from consuming all of creation by destroying one of his machines. The act, however, took Barry’s life. His being was sucked into the Speed Force, the otherworldly dimension from which his powers originated. Wally West, his protégé, took on the mantle of the Flash in his stead.

Barry was able to make contact with living speedsters at various points, and he finally broke free of the Speed Force during Darkseid’s invasion of Earth known as the Final Crisis.

He soon discovered that the murder of his mother was perpetrated by Professor Zoom, whom is in reality a distant descendant of Barry’s named Eobard Thawne. Thawne was so frustrated with the legacy his ancestor left that he dedicated his life to tormenting him in the past (our present).

After this, during a moment of weakness, Barry runs back into the past to prevent the murder of his mother. This causes a butterfly effect that wreaks havoc on the time stream and the Earth itself. This event is known as Flashpoint. In the apocalyptic version of the world that was created, the Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and their respective nations of Atlantis and Themyscira are locked in a war that is threatening to consume the Earth. Flash, along with Batman (who was Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father), Cyborg, Captain Thunder (this world’s Shazam), and a severely weakened Superman unite to fix the broken time stream. Thomas Wayne kills Zoom, whose memory of the old world was still intact. He also gives Barry a letter to deliver to his son after the world reformed, a promise that Barry keeps. Barry Allen returned to the past and prevented himself from interfering with his mother’s murder.

The restructured time stream that resulted is the “New 52” DC Universe.

Since then the Flash’s story becomes a bit tamer and very reminiscent of old tales. He faced down a new foe in Daniel West, a new Reverse Flash bent on killing his abusive father in the past. He has at last absolved his dad of the crime of killing his mother by revealing that it was Eobard Thawne (who was reborn in the new world). He also gained a new protégé in the form of a “different” nephew of Iris (who is no longer Barry’s wife or lover) named Wally West.

In the most recent comics, Barry has reconnected with the Wally West of the previous DC Universe. Wally informed him that someone else has damaged the time stream. This mystery perpetrator has stolen 10 years from their lives which has altered the personalities and destinies of the heroes of Earth. What Barry and Wally will do to repair this remains to be seen.

Barry Allen is my favorite DC Hero, hands down. I love his optimism, his dedication, and his paradoxical easygoing yet overstressed nature. He also has a good sense of humor. He maintains this calm natural state for those who observe him, yet he is constantly trying to accomplish as much good for the benefit of others as possible. He has goals and aspirations for his city and the world that even he, with his near-light speed, cannot accomplish. Despite this, he never stops trying, he never stops running, and he never gives up. He is a hero who loves being a hero, and he always thinks of others before himself. These are the reasons why the Flash is my absolute favorite DC Superhero.

And that’s all for now, folks! That’s my Top 10 Favorite DC Superheroes.

Until next time, remember to keep reading comics!

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Top 10 Favorite DC Super Heroes: Honorable Mentions

Top 10 Favorite DC Super Heroes: Honorable Mentions

Here are three honorable mentions that couldn’t quite make the list, but I’d still like to discuss anyway.

Huntress: Helena Wayne- Former Robin and daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle from Earth 2, this heroine mastered the stealth and skills taught by her parents. She works from the shadows and punishes the wicked. She is armed with her trusty crossbow and is close friends with the former Supergirl of Earth 2, Kara Zor-El aka Power Girl. She’s dedicated, but she has a better sense of humor than her father.

Aquaman: Arthur Curry- Atlantean/human hybrid and heir to the throne of Atlantis, he is the first king to attempt to unite the surface world with nation beneath the waves. He is a founding member of the Justice League, is married to the Xebelan woman, Mera, and is locked in a blood feud with the assassin, Black Manta. His half-brother, Orm Marius aka Ocean Master, has attempted to usurp the throne from him on multiple occasions. His idealism and dedication has yet to pay off, as the surface world and Atlantis retain their distrust of each other. This has never stopped him though, and Arthur Curry continues attempt to broker a peace between the two worlds that make up the two halves of himself.

Wildcat: Ted Grant- Former boxer and longtime member of the Justice Society, Wildcat has no special powers that aid in his fighting. He merely uses his willpower and fighting prowess to battle evil. He’s a grizzled old brawler with a heart of gold, he’s part of the soul of the Justice Society. He has become a mentor and trainer to many of the younger members of the team, including his own son, and he has become a peer of the two founding members, Alan Scott aka the original Green Lantern and Jay Garrick aka the original Flash.

#2: Green Arrow: Oliver Queen

#2: Green Arrow: Oliver Queen


Billionaire trust-fund child Oliver Queen was at sea on his family’s boat when a storm hit. He was washed ashore on a remote island where he had to learn how to survive on his own. He became very skilled with a bow and arrow during this ordeal. When he was rescued and returned to his home of Star City (or Seattle, if you’re reading the New 52), he learned that he could not go back to his old life. He then decided to use his new skills to help the downtrodden of his city, becoming the emerald-garbed vigilante, Green Arrow!

Green Arrow became quickly dedicated to using his considerable funding to help the less fortunate as much as he could. He also took on a sidekick by the name of Roy Harper, aka Speedy. Ollie Queen quickly became known as a very opinionated super hero as well, often voicing his liberal ideology to teammates as well as his close friend, Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern. He also joined the Justice League early in its existence.

He travelled the country with Green Lantern in an attempt to help ground his space-faring friend and show him the “real America.” It was at this point that Roy Harper developed a heroin addiction that resulted in Oliver dismissing him.

He retired from the mask shortly after when he accidentally killed a criminal with a misfired arrow. He settled down with longtime love interest Dinah Lance aka Black Canary.

The retirement was short, however. It was at this point that he ran across the assassin, Shado. Shado quickly grew a respect for Green Arrow. At point when Ollie was injured, Shado cared for him. While he was unconscious (and I am not even kidding here), Shado raped him in his sleep, later giving birth to a son named Robert (this all happened, I swear to Jack Kirby, look it up). Shortly after this, Dinah and Oliver split up.

He then went on another road trip to rediscover himself. It was during this soul-searching that he first ran across Deathstroke in Las Vegas, who would become one of his most hated foes.

He was instrumental in stopping Hal’s initial rampage as Parallax, and Ollie believed he killed him in doing so. He retired from the bow once again, this time being replaced by Connor Hawke, who turned out to be a(nother) long-lost son of Oliver Queen.

Oliver Queen was killed by a bomb created by an eco-terrorist organization called the Eden Corps. Connor Hawke took over the mantle of Green Arrow in his absence. However, Hal Jordan reemerged as Parallax and resurrected his deceased friend, Oliver.

Oliver Queen later returned to Star City and took on a new apprentice, the orphaned Mia Dearden. She became the new Speedy. Oliver became the mayor of Star City and made his identity as Green Arrow public. He then finally married Black Canary.

After a vicious attack on the super hero community by Prometheus that ended in him bombing Star City, Roy Harper was left maimed and lost his daughter, whom Oliver viewed as a granddaughter. This sent Green Arrow on a rampage that resulted in him killing Prometheus. After being hunted by Green Lantern, Black Canary, and Connor Hawke, Ollie turns himself in. Dinah divorces him. Green Arrow isn’t incarcerated, but he is exiled from Star City,

After the events of Blackest Night, a forest sprouted within the destroyed section of Star City. Green Arrow decides to dwell within the forest and finds it to have many supernatural elements. This comes to a head when it takes the form of Swamp Thing during the Brightest Day event.

I spent far more time on his backstory than I usually would, but Green Arrow’s history is quite insane and extensive. I found stuff digging around that even I didn’t know about. Some of it surprised me quite a bit, so it seemed worth sharing.

I would go into his New 52 story, but there’s not much to tell. DC doesn’t seem to know what it wants to do with this character now. Beyond a convoluted prophecy about him being the heir to the “Arrow Clan” of the Outsiders (not those Outsiders, though), and him joining up with the Justice League of America and the Justice League United, not a whole lot has happened to this character.

That being said, Benjamin Percy is doing some interesting stuff with the rejuvenation of Rebirth though, and the book is becoming really interesting again. He’s brought Ollie back to his liberal roots and has teamed him up with Black Canary once more.

I love the hot-headed, loudmouth aspects of Green Arrow. He’s confident, but he’s aware of his limits. He has had his ass kicked more times than he can count, but he always gets back up to fight some more. He’ll call anyone out when he feels that their making a mistake, even Superman and Batman. He cares for the less fortunate and will do whatever it takes to help them. He knows he’s not the most powerful hero, but he’ll take on whatever challenges come his way.

Plus, the gimmicky trick arrows are really cool.

Tomorrow, I will have an honorable mentions list up. Then, it will be time for the lightning-fast Number One! See you then!

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#3: The Savage Hawkman: Carter Hall/Katar Hol

#3: The Savage Hawkman: Carter Hall/Katar Hol


So, I would usually start with the character’s origin and history. However, I’m going to preempt that and  be honest with you: Hawkman’s is a complete mess. If you read my Hal Jordan entry yesterday, you know that’s saying something for me.

There’s the pre-New 52 origin(s) and the New 52 origin. The old DC Universe origin involved reincarnations and multiple iterations based on a curse from back when Hawkman was an Egyptian pharaoh named Prince Khufu. He found an alien spacecraft and something something Hawk God something something curses something Hath-Set something we found a way to tie Black Adam into this origin.

The New 52 origin is simply that he is an amnesiac alien warrior from the planet Thanagar. I like the New 52 version far more for its simplicity, even if it kind of reduced Hawkgirl to a part of Hawkman’s backstory (and also blonde for some reason?).

In the old DC Universe, Khufu reincarnated in the present as archaeologist Carter Hall aka Hawkman was a founding member of the Justice Society and served with them for many years. He also spent some time with the Justice League. He later died and became reincarnated as Katar Hol, a Thanagarian police officer. He later reincarnated again as Carter Hall. He was killed during the Blackest Night, but was brought back by the White Lantern entity living within Earth. He then became the Air Elemental along with Hawkgirl during the Brightest Day.

In the New 52, his origins were compressed a lot. He was originally Katar Hol, a Thanagarian warrior. He stole the Nth metal that made up his armor and weaponry from the Thanagarian government when it started showing signs of totalitarianism. He hid away on Earth and lost his memory. He took on the identity of an archaeologist and became Carter Hall. He used his old hawk suit to become the super hero Hawkman. He later became tired of being a hero and attempted to destroy the suit. The alien Nth metal reacted in an unexpected way and melded itself to Carter. This gave him the ability to manifest the wings, armor, and an assortment of melee weaponry at will.  He later learned of his alien origins when Thanagar came to Earth in search of the stolen Nth metal.

I like Hawkman for similar reasons that I like Hawk (ironically). He is perpetually angry and never does a thing to hide it. He is brutal with his justice and doesn’t shy away from killing when it seems necessary. He also has a sense of responsibility. He doesn’t really like being a super hero, and has even attempted to quit. However, he feels like it’s his duty and has continued onward. He feels a need to protect the innocent, even if the innocents can get on his last damn nerve.

The only one to ever get through his anger is Shayera Hall, his one true love. Also Kendra Saunders, her reincarnation/niece, but that takes some of the romanticism out of it, doesn’t it? Also, it’s a little weird.

As you can assuredly tell by now, I’m not a fan of many of the stories told about Hawkman. However, it’s a testament to how much this character appeals to me that I still like him so much in spite of the weird origins and stories.

He’s a raging hero sworn to protect the innocence of his adopted homeworld of Earth, and he has no patience for your stupid crap. He’s Hawkman, the Winged Warrior!

That’s it for now. Come back tomorrow for the sharp and sharply-dressed Number 2!

#4: Green Lantern, the Emerald Knight: Hal Jordan

#4: Green Lantern, the Emerald Knight: Hal Jordan


Test pilot Hal Jordan was on a flight when he saw a bright green flash before him. He landed the plane to investigate and found an alien pod containing Abin Sur, a dying Green Lantern. Abin informed Hal that the ring brought him here, and it chose Hal to become his successor as a Green Lantern because of his ability to overcome great fear. Hal put on the ring and became a Green Lantern, a member of an ancient and storied corps of universal defenders and whom serve the all-powerful Guardians of the Universe from their homeworld of Oa.

Hal’s tenure as a Green Lantern is just as storied as the Corps itself. He was a founding member of the Justice League. His trainer, Thal Sinestro, defected from the Corps, and armed himself with a yellow ring powered by fear. Sinestro became Hal Jordan’s greatest nemesis.

After rogues Mongul and Cyborg Superman destroyed Hal’s hometown of Coast City, he accessed a deeper power from within the core that turned him into the monstrous Parallax. He used these powers to restore Coast City. He fought and killed many of the Green Lantern Corps and Sinestro in his rampage. He attempted to restart time itself along with Extant (believe it or not, Hawk from earlier in the list). He fought the heroes of Earth, whom were able to finally stop him. This gave him clarity he needed, and he sacrificed himself by flying into the sun.

He then became the Spectre, a Spirit of Vengeance and Agent of God, to atone for his sins in life. As the Spectre, he was able to defeat the demon Parallax, the incarnation of fear. His soul was separated from both the Spectre and Parallax, and Ganthet, one of the Guardians of the Universe, was able to resurrect Hal Jordan. Hal, in an attempt to atone for his sins, recreated the Green Lantern Corps.

Since then he was fought in a War of Light against the revived Sinestro’s Corps of Yellow Lanterns as well as the Red Lanterns of Atrocitus. He has stopped Nekron, the embodiment of death, from snuffing out the universe in the Blackest Night, and he killed the rampaging Guardian, Krona. He’s fought the First Lantern, Volthoom, battled the Gods of New Genesis, and he’s most recently “gone rogue” to take the fall for the missteps of the Green Lantern Corp. He’s now returned to the Corps to find them missing, and he has dedicated himself to locating them.

Hal Jordan is brash, cocky, and idealistic. He fears nothing, as is befitting of a Green Lantern. He launches himself through the many trials he’s faced by sheer momentum. The second he starts questioning himself is when he would start finding his limits, and he can’t allow that. The ring is powered by will, and it’s nearly endless within Hal Jordan. He’s a flawed hero, but a hero nonetheless. This is why he’s my Number 4 DC Super Hero.

Check back tomorrow for the soaring Number 3!

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#5: Cyborg: Victor Stone

#5: Cyborg: Victor Stone


After a horrific accident killed his mother and left him barely alive, young Vic Stone was granted cybernetic enhancements based on alien technology given to him by his scientist father. They saved his life, but they also gave him abilities far beyond that of a normal man. This incident made him into the hero Cyborg!

Gifted with superhuman strength, speed, and an arsenal of weapons, including his trademark white noise cannon, he fights evil both domestic and extraterrestrial. In the old DC Universe, he joined up with the Teen Titans and, later, the Justice League. In the New 52 iteration, he joined up with the Justice League immediately after becoming Cyborg.

Another major difference with the New 52 version of Vic Stone is that his technology is based upon a Mother Box from Darkseid’s homeworld of Apokolips. Since his rebirth as Cyborg, his cybernetic body has gone through a series of upgrades, many of which of its own doing. He now has the ability to shapeshift, appear human, and create new devices such as jetpacks and breathing apparatuses from his own body.

Victor Stone is painfully aware of how much he has lost due to his becoming Cyborg. He feels very separated from the rest of humanity. This hasn’t been alleviated by his tenure with the Justice League, as much of the team has been a good bit older than him. The only members that he has connected with are the Flash and Shazam.

His humility and struggle to regain some form of humanity are what make Cyborg such a compelling character. He’s very sympathetic, and he is one of the most grounded members of the League. His solo series written by David Walker and Marv Wolfman have expanded on his character quite a bit as well as given him a very enjoyable if dorky sense of humor. It’s also fleshed out the difficult relationship he has with his emotionally distant father, Silas Stone.

His take-charge attitude supplements his feelings of alienation and keep him from simply being a sympathetic victim of a character. Make no mistake, he is still a hero and an admirable one at that. He knows his enhancements are a gift, and he uses this gift to protect the innocent.

These qualities are what have made Cyborg one of my all-time favorite DC Super Heroes.

And with that, we wrap up this entry. Check back tomorrow for the luminescent Number 4!

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