I’m sorry I’ve been off the grid for over a week now. What you may have guessed is true; school is dominating my time. I am in the waning weeks of the semester. As a result, a lot of work is piling up constantly. And, if I’m being honest, I’m not wanting to do a lot of writing between my massive writing assignments.

I have 2 weeks of regular classes and 1-2 weeks of finals after that. As finals weeks approaches, I’ll have a lot more essays, but I won’t be in class as much. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start posting again then.

I haven’t forgotten my designs to write more Marvel editorials discussing my perception of the ins and outs of the company and its products.

There are a some comics that came out in the recent weeks that I want to give my opinions upon, and I may discuss them further beyond these on-the-fly review scores (especially Black Panther and the Crew, because it’s quite awesome and intelligently written).

All-New Wolverine #19: Quite good, a lot of fun. I hoped for a little more though: 6/10

Royals: I’m done caring that much about the Inhumans, but I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a pretty good book: 6/10

Iron Fist #2: The series justifies my faith in it with incredible artwork, and it really hits its stride in its second issue. It becomes one of those classic Bruce Lee Kung Fu films that Iron Fist was always meant to be: 9/10

Weapon X: Visually stunted at times due to Greg Land’s…methods, but Greg Pak puts together a good script and an intriguing tale. It’s worth a read: 8/10

X-Men Blue: A really fun book with the original team and the Master of Magnetism. They throw down with the Juggernaut in one of the best super-powered brawls I’ve seen in recent comics. Definitely read this: 9/10

X-Men Gold: Overshadowed by the controversy with the artist’s asshat moves, this is still a solid read worthy of your time. Get the reprints though, both for the obvious reason as well as the price tag on original prints: 8/10

Black Panther and the Crew: A fantastic book that starts off with an intriguing tale both relevant to our modern times and an enthralling read in its own right. I highly recommend this, and, like Sam Wilson: Captain America #20, I think it’s an important comic book: 10/10

And that’s it for now. I’m sorry about the absence, and I hope to get back into the swing of things in two weeks. Until then, keep reading comics!!


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