And That’s How They Became the Batty Bunch

Steven Orlando (W), Ivan Reis (P), Joe Prado, Oclair Albert (I), Marcelo Maiolo (C)

Cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Marcelo Maiolo

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $2.99

          Apologies again for the lateness of this review. I definitely did not intend to have this ready a full week after the comic was released.

As you likely know, I’ve been really looking forward to this release, despite the fact that I’ve not been remotely following the Justice League vs Suicide Squad story. I like wacky line-ups in super hero teams, and this team has a lot of characters that I like, particularly Lobo, Black Canary, and Killer Frost. I’m particularly interested in seeing Killer Frost trying to become a hero. The way she was recreated as a “heat vampire” in the New 52 is an interesting twist on the character, and I saw a lot of potential for redemption in this iteration of Kaitlin Snow.

The story begins with Batman showing Killer Frost around their headquarters, located in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. Batman tells Snow that he is putting together a team for some imposing threat, and he wants to give her a chance to start fresh. She accepts the invitation.

Next, Killer Frost is fighting Black Canary in Seattle. After a short fight, Batman appears and tells her that Killer Frost is with him. The Dark Knight tells Canary that he needs a human element to this new team as well as someone who will call him out on bad decisions. Dinah Lance qualifies for both.

Next we see Mammoth City, New Jersey, where Lobo has just gotten thrown out of a biker bar. Black Canary approaches him about the team. It’s apparent quickly that Lobo and Canary won’t get along.

At Ivy University, Ryan Choi arrives in Ray Palmer’s lab using his Bio-Belt. Lobo and Batman are waiting for him. The Caped Crusader was waiting for Ray Palmer and tries to leave. Lobo convinces him to stay and accept Ryan onto the team.

At City of Vanity in Oregon, the Ray is out in the city. Ryan arrives through his phone. The Atom invites the Ray onto the new team, and he accepts.

In Manhattan, Vixen stops a crime being committed by someone called Roxy Rocket from robbing a museum. Afterwards, a police officer shows Mari a bizarre weapon, but she leaves when she senses Batman nearby. He extends an invitation to her as well, and, after some convincing, she joins the team.

Back at the headquarters, the team is having its first meeting, and Lobo, of course, is antagonizing everyone. Batman stands up for Killer Frost after Lobo starts harassing her for her past. Batman restates his intent to form a team of humans, and the comic ends with the new Justice League of America in action.

This comic was…serviceable. It wasn’t particularly exciting, but it set up the team well enough. It’s a peculiar lineup, but this book brings them together in a believable manner.

Batman shows a bit of humility in this issue, and that’s something that you rarely see from the Dark Knight. I enjoyed that. The Atom and the Ray seem like they are going to have good chemistry. Canary and Lobo seem like they are going to fight a lot. Then again, Lobo will probably pick a fight with everyone.

“Human” seems like a very odd word with which to describe Lobo. I can see it being used to describe Black Canary, the Atom, Vixen, and Killer Frost in this situation. Even the Ray I can see, but Lobo? The Main Man what smacks down with Superman regularly? Maybe, in this case, Batman means a bit of a bastitch.

That being said, this comic doesn’t do anything all that exciting. It tells enough story to fill out the pages, but I feel like this could have frontloaded a different story if it were shortened a little. Maybe this could have been a mega-sized first issue at four or five-dollars.

It wasn’t a bad book. It was alright and enjoyable enough, and I definitely look forward to seeing where this comic goes. However, this first issue wasn’t one of the best openings to a book. I have confidence that the series will be good, but I’m not reviewing the series. I’m reviewing the first issue, and the first issue is just serviceable.

Final Score: 6/10

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