On the Sunday Review and Today’s List Item (Champions #5 and Monsters Unleashed #2 Mini-Review)

Apologies for not making an announcement sooner. I honestly thought I was going to be able to make a list entry today, and I could explain the lack of a review yesterday then.

I am feeling pretty sick. That, the restricted mental faculties that come with it, and the fact that I still have homework to do regardless are the compounding factors that kept me from making a review yesterday or continuing the Top 10 Worst Marvel and DC Comics Characters list today. I will make a list entry for it Wednesday if able.

As far as the reviews go, I’m going to do a quick and dirty review of two comic books I did read over the weekend.

Champions #5 is excellent. It might be the best issue of the series so far, definitely the best since its fantastic #1. I dreaded the advertised presence of Gwenpool, but she actually served an interesting function in the story that only she, as far as I know, could have provided.

Final Score: 10/10

Monsters Unleashed #2 did not win my interest in this story and only served to make me hate it more. Still, nothing is happening. Furthermore, it’s a comic that has no respect for its readers, providing big empty action that reminds me all too much of a Michael Bay film. The fact that they brought in Greg Land added ugly insult to grievous injury. Also I’m pretty sure he used a woman’s Oh-face in one of his traces of Moon Girl in this issue. This character is an elementary schooler for God’s sake. That’s really freaking creepy.

Final Score: 3/10 Monstrosity

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