The hat just says beer.

Jim Zub (W), Jon Malin (A), Matt Yackey (C)

Cover by Jon Malin and Matt Yackey

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

          This comic starts off with mysterious dialogue in a tropical environment set to the backdrop of a dragonfly consuming a smaller insect and a mysterious structure in the forest.

After successfully breaking the Winter Soldier out of S.H.I.E.L.D detention, we find our heroes preparing for the next mission with their new addition, Thunderbolts alum, Melissa Gold aka Songbird.

We first see Bucky’s new arm, courtesy of Fixer. This arm has features such as auto-reload, an ejecting fist knife, and a flamethrower from the palm. It also has the Thunderbolts logo on the shoulder in place of the old red star.

I have to gush on this for a second. Logos are so important in super hero comic books. To me, the Thunderbolts logo and Bucky’s red/blue and white star have always stuck out since I love the characters so much. The fact that Bucky now has the Thunderbolts insignia on his shoulder made me so giddy. I loved it. It really is the fine details that matter sometimes.

Anyway, Bucky and Abe introduce Melissa to the new mission of the Thunderbolts: protecting the Earth from aliens and sticking it to S.H.I.E.L.D. They also introduce her to Kobik.

Fixer calls the team to the control room and informs them of a new alien signal detected on Earth. The team, Songbird and Kobik included, go off to investigate.

The lead takes them to Maine. After some searching, they are ambushed by large reptilian aliens promising to conquer the world. A battle soon takes place, and the Thunderbolts win it handily.

The team returns to their headquarters, and the comic ends with Abe and Melissa bonding once again.

This is really takes me back to reading old issues of the Avengers. Jim Zub knows how to write a team book, and he knows how important it is to build the relationships between the characters. He also knows that this is a super hero rag, and you have to throw in some conflict to keep the reader interested.

As always, Malin and Yackey keep the comic reminiscent of its 90’s origins. This does, as it has, lead to some moments where the details seem a tad stark. However, it is overall enjoyable and nostalgic of the Thunderbolts’ past.

Also, Abe has a hat that just says “BEER” in all capital letters. It just says beer. It. Just. Says. Beer. What does this mean? Is this some enigmatic message hidden within the headwear of Mach X, or does he just love beer that much? What is this?

What can I say? This comic continues to be great. I continue to recommend it to anyone who likes a good, action-packed, character-focused super hero comic.

Also, sorry for the lateness of this review. Today was quite busy, and it has left me sort of rushing this out at the end. Hopefully this will be rare in the future. Anyway, keep reading comics!

Final Score: 9/10

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