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I want to clarify a few things as we start this list. With some exceptions, I try to keep a positive persona as I operate this site. This list will likely contain none of that, and it is guaranteed to be pretty contentious.

These are the characters that I think have had the most negative impact on the modern era of mainstream super hero comic books.Heck, there aren’t that many comic book characters that I really dislike anyway. The characters on this list aren’t simply the characters that I dislike the most, though some of them I do have strong disdain for. For example, I don’t particularly like the characters of Emma Frost and Damian Wayne. Neither of them will be on this list. I think they are decently designed characters, and I don’t think their impact on comic books has been in any way negative. I just don’t like them very much and that dislike is very rooted in personal preference.

I also am intentionally choosing characters who are actually relevant in comic books in 2017 or were at least very recently relevant. Sure, Kite Man, Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, Cluemaster, Big Wheel, Leap Frog, and Crazy Quilt are all very lame characters. However, where are they now? These are characters that have been lost to the sands of time and no one really cares about them anymore outside of people who make worst comic book character lists. They aren’t remotely relevant anymore and didn’t have a lasting effect on the culture. Often times, when these types of characters have been brought back, like Leap Frog and Big Wheel, it’s been in rather entertaining ways in good stories.

I’m also not going to choose any alternate timeline-type characters. Ultimate Captain America was a bit of a jackboot thug, but he only existed in Ultimate comics. Batman from the Dark Knight Returns is the worst thing about the story. He is a brooding and violent brute that we are intended to think is righteous. This iteration of the character has actually had a massive impact on modern comic book storytelling, but he only existed in that iteration of the DC Universe, so I’m not going to include him on this list. I may discuss him during one of the entries though (spoiler alert).

Many of you are pretty much guaranteed to like a few of the characters on this list. I’d say skip it if that’s a problem for you, but I actually would want you to read it anyway. I think exposing ourselves to new perspectives and ideas, even if they run contrary to our own, is a very valuable intellectual exercise. These are my honest opinions on these characters. I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t like these characters, but some of them have drastically altered comic books, represent some negative parts of the culture, or simply represent some negative things in their own right. If you like anyone on this list, that’s good. You do you. Don’t let me or anyone else tell you to hate…

#1. Harley Quinn

#2. Deadpool

#3. Gwenpool

#4. New 52 Starfire

#5. Batman

#6. New 52 Superman

#7. New 52 Wonder Woman

#8. New 52 Lobo

#9. Bane

#10. Cable 

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