Destiny’s Child

Tim Seeley (W), Marcio Takara (A), Marcello Maiolo (C)

Cover by Marcio Takara and Marcello Maiolo

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $2.99

          We haven’t revisited Nightwing in a while, so I think now is as good as time as any to check in with Dick Grayson again.

The comic begins with Nightwing, Donna Troy, Arsenal, and Wally West Flash having just defeated a giant matador robot. They spot a cloaked figure whom they assume to be the controller of the robot running away from the scene of the crime. When they catch up with him, he is revealed to be a rotting emaciated figure, and more of the robots ambush the Titans, killing all but Nightwing.

Dick Grayson wakes up in horror, as it was all a nightmare. We are told by Nightwing that this has been going on for some time. Dick then looks out his window to see Superman. The Kryptonian tells him that he detected an energy source in Nightwing’s head, and the two go to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Superman hooks the two of them up in a machine that will allow them both to enter Nightwing’s next dream and investigate the energy disturbance.

Superman theorizes that this is all the work of Doctor Destiny, a villain he has tangled with before back in his universe (this is the “new” Superman of the old DC Universe). Nightwing expresses some misgivings about trusting this Superman since he doesn’t know him as well as his old friend, the deceased Superman of the New 52 universe.

They enter Nightwing’s dream, and it doesn’t take long for it to turn into a nightmare when he sees all his friends from the Spyral organization slain. Doctor Destiny appears once again, and Nightwing and Superman pursue him through subsequent sequences that involve Bludhaven, Damian Wayne, Batman, and the recently deceased Tim Drake and “old” Superman of the New 52.

Nightwing and Superman finally gain the upper hand against Destiny when he conjures the dream forms of his multitudes of allies, and they defeat the villain.

We next see Nightwing and the Justice League raid the lair which held Doctor Destiny, and we learn that it is another ploy by the Kobra organization.

The comic ends with Nightwing giving his seal of approval on this Superman and Dick Grayson going to Bludhaven.

This was a nice, self-contained, team-up story with a classic villain. It was well-paced, exciting, and depicted interesting and unique interactions between Nightwing and Superman.

To me, it makes a lot of sense that Nightwing and Superman get along well. They’re both more idealistic and upbeat than Batman, and, despite the strain of this being a “new” Superman, their chemistry shows very well in this comic.

The new incarnation of Doctor Destiny has a really cool and macabre design.


I like the decayed and morbid appearance. I honestly prefer it to the old Skeletor look (Sorry for the low-res picture, I’m not super tech-savvy).

While we are talking about the new Superman, his story is a little odd to me. It seems like a continuation to the story of the pre-Flashpoint Superman. However, I was under the impression that the only difference between the pre-Flashpoint Earth and the New 52/Rebirth Earth was the 10 years Doctor Manhattan stole from the DC Universe, so I thought that this Earth was the same Earth of pre-Flashpoint DC Comics. As a result, wouldn’t the pre-Flashpoint Superman and the New 52 Superman be the same person? Just a line of thought, it didn’t really bother me in relation to the story at hand.

The art in this comic is alright. There are moments where things intended to have depth look a little flat due to the glossiness of the overall art and coloring. This problem doesn’t show up too often, but it kept the art from completely wowing me and made for some breaks in the illusion of realism.

This comic was a fast and fun ride, as a comic about Nightwing should be. It was good team-up with a cool, if a little simplistic, rendition of a classic villain. I recommend it, and I look forward to Nightwing returning to Bludhaven.

Final Score: 8/10

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