Top 10 DC Villains List Starts Now!

Hey gang, I hope you guys are enjoying the Luke Cage Netflix series as much as I am. I definitely want to talk about it on here to some capacity. I will most likely talk about the entirety of the first season when I finish it. That will either be posted as an editorial or one of my good-old fashioned comic book reviews (so either posted on a Tuesday or over a weekend). I am loving it so far, and it will definitely give me a lot to talk about.

Next, the Top 10 DC Villains List will start today at #10, so look out for that at 2:00 PM Eastern Time!

Since I tell the backstories on these characters, it will be a little more complicated returning to DC. The pre-New 52 stories for these characters are often radically different than their New 52 versions. I’m going to reserve my right to cherry pick their stories. Sometimes I find the pre-New 52 story more interesting, and other times the New 52 iteration outshines the original. I may even tell a bit of both in an entry or two. Just know I don’t make the decision arbitrarily, well, not completely arbitrarily. It’s all about which one I think is a better story to tell.

I’ll be back in a bit with #10!

Keep reading comics!

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