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See, I told you there would be more repeats.

When his mutation first manifested in the latter part of the 19th Century, the boy who would one day become Sabretooth killed his brother in a feral rampage. His father locked him away in the cellar, routinely removing his sharp teeth (which would only grow back due to his healing factor) in an attempt to exercise the “demons” from within. When he finally escaped, he killed his father and escaped into the Canadian wilderness, finding ways to survive and shedding more blood.

Many stories have been told about the first encounter between Victor Creed and James “Logan” Howlett. What is known for sure is that the story is written in murder and tragedy that spanned much of the first half of the 20th Century. Also, the numerous retcons make it really hard to tell you confidently what their first encounter was. He may or may not have killed a (different?) woman named Silver Fox, whom Wolverine loved, as well as Wolverine’s Japanese family.

In the next few decades, Victor Creed was likely involved in many global conflicts as a soldier, and he even participated in an operation orchestrated by Nick Fury in 1959. In the 1960’s, he became involved with Department H, Canada’s primary espionage organization, and he was teamed up with fellow mutant Maverick and old foe Wolverine (the two may not have been able to recognize each other at this point). This is where Logan and Victor were originally given their respective codenames. One of their main operations involved a Russian incursion and a conflict with Russian super soldier Omega Red. At this point, he also had a romantic encounter with a woman whom was secretly Mystique. He impregnated her, and she would later give birth to Victor’s son, Graydon. After this, the Weapon X program kidnapped Sabretooth, Wolverine, and a number of other Canada-based Mutants.

Weapon X brainwashed Victor and tampered with his memories, Like Wolverine, he presumably escaped after some time. His first encounter with the modern age of heroes was actually a battle with the martial artist hero Iron Fist, which he lost.

He would soon run up against the X-Men and his rival Wolverine. He joined the Marauders, a team of mutant killers that worked for Mister Sinister. With them, he massacred the sewer-dwelling mutant Morlocks. He fought Wolverine there, and he later attacked the X-Mansion but was driven away by Psylocke.

Sabretooth and Wolverine clashed on many occasions after this. However, unexpected side-effects from past experimentation brought Sabretooth and a number of other Weapon X victims back to the organization. There, they discovered what the program had done to them. A being called Psi-Borg sent Sabretooth into a feral rage that resulted in him killing Wolverine’s lover, Silver Fox. Psi-Borg also removed some of Victor’s memory implants.

After this, he encountered a telepath named Birdy whom was able to soothe his fury. The two began to work together and presumably had a romantic entanglement. He began to make alliances, and his cooperation with the Hand is what drew the attention of the X-Men. They defeated Sabretooth once again, and he came into contact with his estranged son, Graydon. Figuring out the identity and history of his father, Graydon killed Birdy, and this drove Sabretooth into yet another rampage. Victor killed his son as a part of this rampage.

He was captured by the X-Men, and Professor Xavier attempted to cure Sabretooth’s madness. During this period, he helped the X-Men from time-to-time. He helped track down the mutant Caliban and fought of an incursion by the alien techno-beings, the Phalanx.

Sabretooth later escaped, and he was stopped by the X-Men once more. This time, they handed him over to authorities. He would later return with Adamantium of his own, but he lost it after losing a battle against Wolverine set up by Apocalypse. The being removed it from Victor and gave it to Wolverine.

He later reconnected with Weapon X, and they implanted Adamantium into Sabretooth once more. While working for them, he was secretly gathering information to use against Wolverine, and he began working with Lady Deathstrike and Omega Red against their common foe.

Victor kidnapped Wolverine’s foster-daughter, Amiko. The two had another conflict that ended with Logan and Amiko escaping. After this, Sabretooth fled Weapon X and began antagonizing the organization by viciously killing their prospective recruits. They were able to capture him through Agent Zero aka Maverick. They attempted to keep him under control through the telepath Mesmero. He managed to escape, but, for some reason, came to their aid when they were attacked by a group called the Underground. He was beaten by the mutant, Marrow.

After leaving Weapon X, he encountered the Canadian super hero, Sasquatch, as well as a Wendigo, a type of supernatural creature. Sasquatch defeated both of them and the two fell into the Arctic Sea. Sabretooth would later emerge wearing the hide of the Wendigo.

Sabretooth began working with a company called Megacorp. Here, he ran into conflict with his old employer, Mister Sinister. After this encounter, he joined up with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. With them, he attacked Philadelphia and, later, the X-Mansion. After this, he joined up with a new iteration of Weapon X that gave him an Adamantium skeleton once again.

He then hunted down Wolverine and the two fought a long, vicious battle that started in the X-Mansion and ended in (no joke) Wakanda. Here, it was halted by Storm, whom was at the time betrothed to Black Panther. She told them that their conflict was pointless, as neither could kill the other. Sabretooth came into conflict with Black Panther while in the country, and Panther and Wolverine subdued him once more.

He was yet again kidnapped by Weapon X, and his mind was completely obliterated. He became a true animal and killed another mutant by the name of Feral.

This led to a really awesome story by Jeph Loeb where Wolverine and Sabretooth had a lengthy and bloody battle that ended with Logan finally killing Victor with the Muramasa Blade, a sword made with a part of Logan’s own soul. However, this was sort of ruined later when the Sabretooth that Wolverine killed was retconned into being a clone. As a result, that’s all I’m going to say about this tale.

Sabretooth later resurfaced in Japan, attempting to establish a criminal empire with Mystique, Lady Deathstrike, and Silver Samurai. He then joined the Brotherhood with the Blob, the Shadow King, and Wolverine’s son, Daken. Together, they kidnapped Evan, the current incarnation of Apocalypse. They tried to corrupt him and turn him into their own weapon. They were stopped by Wolverine and his X-Force, and Logan was forced to kill Daken. Sabretooth goaded Wolverine over this, claiming that this was his plan all along.

Sabretooth connected with Mystique and Lady Mastermind in another attempt at the Brotherhood. Mystique used the selling of Mutant Growth Hormone to fund an operation that led her to acquiring the city of Madripoor from Hydra. She attempted to turn it into a haven for mutants, but this was stopped by Magneto, whom protested the use of Mutant Growth Hormone.

Magneto later recruited Sabretooth to aid in his fight against the Red Skull in the events that would be known as AXIS. Through the sorcery of Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom, Sabretooth had his mind altered to become a hero, an effect that outlived the conflict. Sabretooth, in his newfound guilt over his past, turned himself into authorities after the battle (still not a fan of this turn in Sabretooth’s story).

After this, he was allowed to join Steve Rogers’ Avengers Unity Squad, a coalition of Avengers and mutants. After some time on the team and the events of the most recent Secret Wars, he joined up with Magneto’s new X-Men. This is a task force bent on saving mutantkind from the lethal effects of the Inhumans’ Terrigen Mists.

Sabretooth’s history is long, convoluted, and not really the thing I like about the character. What I do like about him is the same thing that I like about Bullseye; Victor Creed is a vicious and bloodthirsty monster. His animalistic instincts have led him to commit some horrendous atrocities and ruin the lives of many. His feud with Wolverine is one of the most interesting and, frankly, coolest hero/villain rivalries in comic books.

Unlike Bullseye, and this puts him higher up on the list, Sabretooth has had goals beyond simple murder. He has had his moments where he has opted for different methods, and he is not incapable of compassion or love. The fact that his mutant powers cause his uncontrollable berserker rage add a level of tragedy to Victor Creed as well. He is a rather complex character, and this is what pushes him to Number 7 of my top ten favorite Marvel Villains of all time.

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