Things Going Forward

First off, for those of you who were expecting a continuation of the Marvel list yesterday and today, sorry for the delay. I’m changing up how I do things on here a little.

Anyone who has followed this site consistently has probably noticed by now that my posts are pretty sporadic. I have the daily lists that I’ve been doing lately, but my comic reviews are kind of random. Well, that’s not going to be the case anymore.

My strategy with site has been “the more content the better.” I have now come to realize why that may not necessarily be the case. So, for now the Marvel list is being put on hold for a couple of days. Expect to see the next entry on Monday.

As for the reviews, I’m working on a schedule that I will post on the site, so you guys can follow what will be coming out when.

Also, expect a review for the Suicide Squad movie in a few days.

Sorry for the sudden shake-up, but I promise you guys that this will only improve the site. No more sporadic posts. No more sudden delays. This schedule will be a means of getting myself into a posting routine which will allow you guys know when to expect certain types of content.

More on this soon and, as always, keep reading comics!

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