Test pilot Hal Jordan was on a flight when he saw a bright green flash before him. He landed the plane to investigate and found an alien pod containing Abin Sur, a dying Green Lantern. Abin informed Hal that the ring brought him here, and it chose Hal to become his successor as a Green Lantern because of his ability to overcome great fear. Hal put on the ring and became a Green Lantern, a member of an ancient and storied corps of universal defenders and whom serve the all-powerful Guardians of the Universe from their homeworld of Oa.

Hal’s tenure as a Green Lantern is just as storied as the Corps itself. He was a founding member of the Justice League. His trainer, Thal Sinestro, defected from the Corps, and armed himself with a yellow ring powered by fear. Sinestro became Hal Jordan’s greatest nemesis.

After rogues Mongul and Cyborg Superman destroyed Hal’s hometown of Coast City, he accessed a deeper power from within the core that turned him into the monstrous Parallax. He used these powers to restore Coast City. He fought and killed many of the Green Lantern Corps and Sinestro in his rampage. He attempted to restart time itself along with Extant (believe it or not, Hawk from earlier in the list). He fought the heroes of Earth, whom were able to finally stop him. This gave him clarity he needed, and he sacrificed himself by flying into the sun.

He then became the Spectre, a Spirit of Vengeance and Agent of God, to atone for his sins in life. As the Spectre, he was able to defeat the demon Parallax, the incarnation of fear. His soul was separated from both the Spectre and Parallax, and Ganthet, one of the Guardians of the Universe, was able to resurrect Hal Jordan. Hal, in an attempt to atone for his sins, recreated the Green Lantern Corps.

Since then he was fought in a War of Light against the revived Sinestro’s Corps of Yellow Lanterns as well as the Red Lanterns of Atrocitus. He has stopped Nekron, the embodiment of death, from snuffing out the universe in the Blackest Night, and he killed the rampaging Guardian, Krona. He’s fought the First Lantern, Volthoom, battled the Gods of New Genesis, and he’s most recently “gone rogue” to take the fall for the missteps of the Green Lantern Corp. He’s now returned to the Corps to find them missing, and he has dedicated himself to locating them.

Hal Jordan is brash, cocky, and idealistic. He fears nothing, as is befitting of a Green Lantern. He launches himself through the many trials he’s faced by sheer momentum. The second he starts questioning himself is when he would start finding his limits, and he can’t allow that. The ring is powered by will, and it’s nearly endless within Hal Jordan. He’s a flawed hero, but a hero nonetheless. This is why he’s my Number 4 DC Super Hero.

Check back tomorrow for the soaring Number 3!

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Hal’s Adventures with the Justice League

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