Those who read my review for Nightwing: Rebirth are probably not surprised in the least to see this guy on the list.

Young Dick Grayson was a part of the travelling Halley’s Circus with his parents, The Flying Graysons. The three of them were an acrobat team until Dick’s parents were killed by the mob. He was taken in by Bruce Wayne and was made the first Robin to serve alongside Batman.

After some time in the Dark Knight’s tutelage, Dick Grayson graduated from sidekick to solo hero, becoming Nightwing, the defender of Gotham’s sister city of Bludhaven. He worked with the Teen Titans for some time, and even filled in for Batman himself when he was believed dead by Darkseid’s hand.

I went into why I like Nightwing a lot during the review of his comic, but, since this is my favorites list, I’ll go into it a bit here too.

I love Dick Grayson’s optimism and gaiety. He was trained by one of the most brooding heroes in comic books, but he still came out of it with a chipper attitude and a lot of energy. He’s cocky, brash, and charming. He takes on evil with nothing more than his skill and wit, and he faces the vilest of rogues with a smile on his face.

This is not to say that he doesn’t know when to get serious. If he faced everything with humor, he’d be a sociopath (or Deadpool). He’s also fairly intelligent himself, inheriting some of Batman’s detective skills.

Plus, let’s face it, Nightwing is one of the coolest super hero names ever.

Needless to say, I’m really happy to see this guy back in his black and blues and on a classic Titans team again.

Check back tomorrow for technologically-advanced Number 5!

Nightwing Rebirth

Titans Rebirth

Titans #1

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