He’s back.


Tim Seeley (W), Yanick Paquette (A), Nathan Fairbarn (C)

Cover by: Javier Fernandez and Chris Sotomayor

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $2.99

          At the end of the day, Nightwing is far and away my favorite member of the vaunted “Bat Family.” Red Hood and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) are awesome. Batman himself is pretty cool, and so are Red Robin, Batwoman, and Azrael. However, Dick Grayson blows them all out of the water.

I always liked how he was the optimist of the group (well, he and Barbara Gordon). He was the first son of Batman, but he is furthest from the detective when it comes to his attitude. He cracks jokes, he’s theatrical, and he’s just a lot of fun. He is aware that the world isn’t so dark if you look at it the right way. That’s quite a feat considering his mentor.

I lost interest in Nightwing when it became, well, Grayson. The previous Nightwing title was a little less interesting towards the end. When, it made the transition to the Grayson title, I tried it, and I just didn’t enjoy it. The writing didn’t grip me, the premise of Grayson as a spy didn’t really make sense, and, it just wasn’t as fun.

That being said, I was ecstatic when I saw that the Flying Grayson was getting back into his old blue and blacks with Rebirth, and here we are with the first issue of the new era. So how was it?

It was great. It wasn’t as succinct as many of the other Rebirth one-shots, but, in its defense, it had a lot of ground to cover in terms of continuing on from Grayson.

The story is primarily about Dick Grayson visiting with Damian Wayne and Wayne Manor itself. It frequently flashes back to the previous three days of Dick’s life, as he attempts to wrap things up from his time in the Spyral organization. In the first of the flashbacks, he visits Helena Bertinelli, whom is in the process of becoming the Huntress of Earth One. In the second, he helps some of the other agents take out some fellows who look a lot like cyborg pirates. In the third, he helps Midnighter take down a creature called the Killicorn (which is kind of awesome). Midnighter gives him a device which is revealed to be a treatment to deactivate a bomb that the Parliament of Owls put inside Damian’s head. The story then cuts away to Lincoln March of the Parliament being assassinated by an unknown party. Back at the manor, Batman shows up and asks Dick if he really wants to get back into the hero business since Dick just got his identity and life back. Dick stays determined and then finally dons the Nightwing uniform.

Like I said, this book was a bit more plot intensive than previous Rebirth one-shots. Having only read the first issue of Grayson, I wasn’t privy to a lot of the story this issue went over until reading it. That being said, I never felt lost. The book explains itself well, and it had people like me in mind. For those who did follow Grayson, I can appreciate that it felt compelled to wrap up the story, and I think those readers will find it to be a satisfying ending.

It was constantly reminding me why I enjoy the character of Dick Grayson so much. He’s upbeat, determined, and cocky. He’s not in the hero business over a vendetta or to avenge a death, not even those of his own parents. He’s in it because he wants to help people, and he also just enjoys it. He’s a fun and refreshing character.

The art is very fitting for the book. The action scenes are nicely drawn and kinetic. The colors are bright and enjoyable to look at. The faces are a bit reminiscent of Bruce Timm’s animation style, and that gave me a good bit of nostalgia.

The pacing was the weakest point of the comic. Since it kept flashing back and forth between the present and the past, it felt a little schizophrenic. It never felt completely disjointed, but the flashbacks had the effect of constantly speeding up and slowing down the comic.

However, it was an overall great read. It was fun, charming, and fed my excitement for this series. I can’t wait for the next issue, and you’ll be excited too. Give it a read.

Final Score: 8/10

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