Honorable Mentions

So there were six that just couldn’t quite make the cut, despite being completely wretched and delightfully horrible individuals. I’m going to give you those six before I move onto the main event. Here they are:

The Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)

Spider-Man’s most feared foe, Norman Osborn was responsible for the Dark Reign of the Marvel Universe, where he attempted to put the X-Men into concentration camps and hunted the Avengers like fugitives. This was all while running a security force on par with Shield called Hammer. Furthermore, he is responsible for one of the most infamous murders in comic book history: the death of Gwen Stacy. Also, he is just a really terrible father to Harry Osborn.



A being from an alternate dimension who has attempted to end all life in the universe on multiple occasions, this mad tyrant has a body count that is on par with the Mad Titan, Thanos himself.


Sin, Daughter of the Red Skull

Where her father’s bloodthirst is tempered by a logical mind and endless scheming, Sinthea Schmidt kills for thrill of it, and her murders are more often impulsive. She shares her father’s hatred for humanity and has partaken in his plots on numerous occasions.



Brock Rumlow is a brutal thug whose only claim to fame is being an exceptional thug. He often works for the Red Skull and shares his tendencies towards racism. Crossbones is a spree-killing maniac who just happens to be good at it.


The Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne)

Eobard Thawne is a descendant of Barry Allen from a far future trapped in our time period. He hates his ancestor and the legacy of heroism that he knows he can never live up to. However, Allen has not yet had the child that would be Thawne’s ancestor, so Thawne can’t kill The Flash yet. Instead, Thawne is happy making Barry Allen’s life a living hell, having gone so far as to travel even further back in time to kill Nora Allen, Barry’s mother. His capacity for hatred is immense, and it is all directed at one man. He was even willing to let the world come to an end during the Flashpoint incident, content with the fact that it was ending all because of The Flash’s mistakes.


Major Force

Girlfriend in the refrigerator (look it up).

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