Zebediah Killgrave is easily the vilest of comic book rogues. I knew he had to be number one the moment I started this list. His crimes are numerous and horrific, and his motivation is nothing more than his own pleasure. A word from his mouth, and all who hear it become his slave. He emits a virus that is absorbed by his victims that force them to follow his commands. He has used this power to rob, rape, and murder. He forced the former super heroine Jessica Jones to sit and watch as he raped two other girls. He killed 30 people in a restaurant once by simply telling them to stop breathing. He has manipulated people into killing the ones they love.

The Purple Man has no end goals. He doesn’t love anyone except for himself. He is the embodiment of human selfishness and apathy. He’s not insane, and he can’t claim any trauma created his evil. He is simply a terrible man given a great power.

He leaves a long-lasting trauma in the victims that manage to live through an interaction with him, as they remember every detail with great clarity. They know their will is not their own, and they want to stop. However, his power is nigh-absolute. Only on scarce occasions has anyone overcome it.

Zebediah Killgrave is a vile man with an incredible ability, and he begs the question from the reader, “how many people would behave differently with that kind of power?”


And that wraps up the list folks. I may do this kind of thing every two or three weeks. I like the format, and I’ve heard from some that they really enjoyed this list. So, until next time, keep reading comics!

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