Victor Zsasz has no super powers. He has no special abilities or skills that put him on the same level of most other rogues of Gotham City. He only has cunning, determination, and a need to kill. He has no master plans or high-minded schemes, though his murders are historically elaborate and grisly. He only earns the tag of “supervillain” because he appears in comic books fighting super heroes. He is just a man with a knife and tally marks upon his body. What makes Victor Zsasz terrifying and places him above the likes of Carnage and Sabretooth on this list is how real he seems. His actions and delusions are similar to so many serial killers of the past. His mentality is so disturbingly alien, and, more disturbingly, it is one seen in reality on a number of occasions. Though not exclusively, he often targets young women who often live alone. He targets the vulnerable, but he believes them to be “zombies” that he is setting “free.” He often leaves his victims in life-like positions when he leaves. After each kill, he carves a tally mark into his body to “remind himself that he is merely human.” By this point, these marks cover most of his body. Victor Szasz is no supervillain. He is just a man, and he is one of the most unnerving characters to ever appear in a comic book.

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