Victor Creed, an immortal mutant with savage animal instincts that drive him to kill. This is not to say that he tries to resist these urges. Sabretooth has expressed joy at viciously killing others, either with his claws or his brute strength, many times. To add to this terror, he has a healing factor as effective as his rival, Wolverine’s. This makes it difficult to tell just how old Victor Creed is, and it makes the potential number of his victims frighteningly large. He thoroughly enjoys tormenting Wolverine, having toyed with his faulty memory many times. In the past, he has convinced Logan that he is his father or brother (the second of those two lies may actually be true). Like Wolverine, he was put through the Weapon X program. However, his enrollment was less reluctant and merely another excuse to profit off of his thirst for blood. He has shown no remorse in turning his murderous rage against fellow mutants, having killed X-Men like Psylocke and aiding Mister Sinister in hunting the peaceful, sewer-dwelling mutants known as the Morlocks to near-extinction. In more recent comics, Sabretooth has been forcefully reformed through telepathic means. However, to me, Sabretooth will always be remembered as a malicious killer (yes I know that’s ironic since I really like Agent Venom, different circumstances though), and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before those instincts take over once again.

Check back tomorrow to see who gets tallied up to number 6!

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