Bullseye, the man who never misses; this skill could have opened him up to many opportunities in life, but the man known only as “Lester” enjoys killing above all else. He has slit throats with playing cards and pierced skulls with toothpicks. With or without proper weapons, he is the deadliest assassin in the Marvel Universe. His choosing to become a mercenary was motivated more by his bloodlust than his skills. This chosen profession has made him the bane of the life of his most hated enemy, Daredevil. The pain that he has inflicted on Matt Murdock’s life is immeasurable. From killing Elektra to bombing apartment buildings full of people, he has shown that no depth is too low when it comes to inflicting misery upon the Man Without Fear. His unapologetic villainy is what pushed Daredevil over the edge to join up with the terrorist organization, the Hand, and establish Shadowland in his home, Hell’s Kitchen. Bullseye is a man who can make devils out of angels, and this, along with his numerous other grisly crimes, is what earns him a spot on this list.

Come back tomorrow for the savage number seven!

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