Art by David Finch

So, what is evil? Is it quantifiable? Short answers, hard to say and no. For the purposes of this list, it’s a mixture of actions and goals; how bad is their bad, and why do they do it?

The internet and I have something in common. We both love our lists. For the internet, it’s a need to have data quantified and rated in order of value. For me, it’s a weird thing I like to do when my mind wanders.

One rule: no archetypes of evil. No gods, demons, or characters like that. Obviously Darkseid, Mephisto, and Hades are all really evil, but their evil is the kind where they are evil because they were born to be evil. So, it’s not as fun to talk about.

Obviously this list is going to be objective. Do you have a different opinion or suggestions of your own? That’s okay, leave it in the comments. I’d like to know what you guys think. I’m going to post one a day for the next ten days. Here’s the first:

10. Carnage

Cletus Kasady, a villain even before he got the symbiote. When the offspring of Venom bonded with Kasady, he was already serving a prison sentence for multiple homicides. His malice was so great that he formed a perfect bond with the feral symbiote. Where Eddie Brock says “we” while Venom, Cletus Kasady says “I” while being Carnage. Since bonding with the symbiote, his crimes have been great and numerous. His killing has only intensified, having murdered a great many people merely for his own enjoyment. There is no method to Carnage’s madness beyond serving as an agent of chaos. He has at one point attempted to summon the Elder God, Chthon, but this was only to further serve his single goal of chaos. A vicious killer with a lust for anarchy, none could deny Carnage’s villainy.

Check back tomorrow for the next ghoulish entry.

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