A man with no name, known only as “Jack” and raised by the Crime Master, Jack O’Lantern killed his biological parents. His signature is scooping out the brains of his victims and placing a candle inside their skull, creating macabre jack o’lanterns out of their corpses. He killed all previous users of the name “Jack O’Lantern” (and there have been many). He served as an agent of the Crime Master, killing and mutilating without remorse. He came across Agent Venom (Flash Thompson), whom became his obsession. He’s since gone after the loved ones of Agent Venom, kidnapping his ex-wife Betty Brant and preying on Thompson’s history of alcoholism. He’s proven to be boundless in his evil, having killed children, animals, and anyone else unlucky enough to cross his path. He’s even gone so far as to brainwashing others to fill in for him once he was incarcerated, turning them into vile, ruthless killers in his stead. A walking nightmare, Jack O’Lantern is sure to haunt the dreams of whomever comes across his handiwork.

Check back tomorrow for the on-point number #8.

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