Jim Zub (W), Jon Malin (A), Matt Yackey (CA)

Cover by: Jon Malin and Matt Yackey

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

So, my first ever review on this site was Thunderbolts #1! It was great, check it out (the comic, not the review, but if you wanna read the review you should, please, it’s good too, I promise). Since comics come out monthly, and I lost track of time, we’re going to call this my one-month anniversary review. Yay, one month!

It sure has been a month, with reviews, and more reviews, and even MORE reviews! All kidding aside, I have enjoyed it. I really like this, and I do hope I get to make it my job. That’s of course up to you kiddos checking out my Patreon, my GoFundMe, and sharing my stuff as much as you can. I really and truly appreciate it!

Anyway, to get to the comic, it continues from where #1 left off, with Moonstone on the floor with a hole in her chest from where Kobik stole her moonstone. The team is in shock, and they still have to decide what to do about the alien pods that are in then warehouse with them. Bucky must carefully handle the dangerous situation with the all-powerful child. Then, when Fixer starts checking out the alien pods, creatures break out and begin attacking the team. A fight ensues, and surprise guest stars show up at the end.

This issue was great, possible even better than the first. The team is very engaging, and the art shows them off well. Kobik is a good mixture of endearing and terrifying, Atlas plays a great well-meaning funny guy, and it’s awesome watching the Winter Soldier learn to be a leader with some of the most rebellious people on the planet.

The interactions between Bucky and Kobik are really endearing. I like the relationship between these two. Fixer and Moonstone are the arrogant ones. Fixer is still pretty charming in his way, but Moonstone has yet to prove to be redeemable. Mach X, while being a character I’ve really liked in past iterations of the Thunderbolts hasn’t really come into his own yet in this book. I get the feeling Zub is writing him intentionally shy, but that hasn’t really been solidified yet.

The comic is paced very well, and it doesn’t linger on a single problem or scene for too long. It likes its cliffhangers at the end (with the ending to this one and the hole-in-the-chest ending to the first issue), but they do work well to make me excited for the next issue. It flows very naturally. When you’re just getting ready for a fight to break out, it does. The fights are really cool and kinetic. The Zub, Malin, and Yackey are really in sync in this comic.

The art keeps its 90’s throwback style. I really enjoy it, and I feel that it matches this team very well since they were created in 1996. I could understand if some people didn’t enjoy it, but it works for me. The design on the aliens that they fight is really creative. I got a real kick out of the appearance of these things. They’re weird and creepy looking; it’s really great. There is something odd about the color of Moonstone’s blood at the beginning of the book. It honestly resembled barbeque sauce. It looks more red later on, but it distracting in the beginning.

What else is there to say? It’s a fun, well-paced comic with an enjoyable and unique cast of characters led by the one-and-only Winter Soldier. It lives up to the Thunderbolts legacy, and it’s working its way to be one of my favorite comics on the shelves right now. Give it a read.

Final Score: 9/10

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