David Walker (W), Sanford Greene (A), Lee Loughridge (CA)

Cover By: Sanford Greene

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

I have been so excited to talk about this book. I absolutely love the duo of Power Man and Iron Fist. In my eyes, they are the greatest super hero buddy cop team. Plus, Luke Cage is one of my favorite super heroes of all time. And, to go ahead and show my hand, this creative team has been killing it with this title.

I love street heroes. Whether it be Luke Cage, Daredevil, or Green Arrow, I’ve always had an affinity for the heroes who deal with the small crimes in a small venue. That’s one of the many reasons Luke Cage has always appealed to me. On top of that, I find him to be the most down-to-earth and relatable super hero of them all. He has a wife, a kid, and he always has just wanted to protect his home, wherever that may be. He has a past that he’s not proud of, but he doesn’t let it slow him down. He’s constantly trying to do better, be stronger, and protect everyone he cares about. He is the true everyman super hero.

I’ve always liked Iron Fist too. He doesn’t fall into the zen-warrior trap that many martial arts-themed characters do (like Shang-Chi, except he makes it work for him). Some writers have had a hard time nailing his character down to a defined space, but they’ve always circled around these traits. He is quick-witted and level-headed. He likes to crack jokes too, but he knows when to get serious.

These two characters have always had fantastic chemistry, and it’s no different in this series. They play off each other extremely well. Luke Cage is the more serious one who doesn’t want to get back into the hero business with Fist because of his wife and kid. Iron Fist is the more comic one who is having fun pulling Luke back into being a hero. The dialogue is funny and charming. You can really believe that these two guys have known each other for years.

We’re only four issues in, so the story thus far is fairly easy to explain. Jennie Royce, former secretary for the Heroes for Hire, just got out of prison. She told Power Man and Iron Fist that Lonnie Lincoln, aka Tombstone, took a family heirloom of hers. The two heroes agree to get it back for her, and it naturally turns into a fist fight that ends with the two of them getting the jewel back. It turns out to be a powerful artifact called the Supersoul Stone, and Jennie Royce lied to them. She made friends with an old rogue named Black Mariah who told her about the artifact. The stone begins to give Jennie Royce powers, and the two heroes go to a street magician named Senor Magico to learn about the stone when Doctor Strange has no information to give them. After that pit stop, our two heroes go to track down Jennie and Mariah.

In the current issue, the two are squaring off against a monstrous being that once was Jennie Royce. The entire issue is an action-packed showdown between the two heroes and the monster.

This was a very good finale issue to this first story arc. It’s a big, fun smack down for Jennie Royce’s soul. As always, Power Man and Iron Fist play off of each other incredibly well thanks to Walker’s writing prowess. The art is very stylistic and the fight scenes look very fluid and appear constantly in motion.

And don’t worry, there is a “Sweet Christmas” in this issue.

Jennie Royce is a very sympathetic character. Life has constantly kicked her in the teeth. This issue reminds the reader of this by showing her back story as well as how she and Mariah met in prison. Black Mariah reveals how much she truly cares for Jennie, putting her own life at risk in the hopes of bringing her back from the brink. The issue actually has a lot of very sweet moments between Mariah and Jennie. You really want to see Jennie Royce get better for the heroes, for Mariah, and for herself. I hope these two characters show up in the title more in the future.

This book is just plain fantastic. Luke and Danny have always been an amazing pairing. David Walker’s writing is top notch. Sanford Greene and Lee Loughridge combine to make a very unique and memorable art style. Pick it up the next chance you get. This book is just getting started, and I have no doubt that it still has some great places to go.

Issue Score: 10/10

Series Score: 10/10: Sweet Christmas

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A History of Luke Cage, Power Man

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