Jack Flagg (my avatar)  Art by Paul Pelletier

So, who is this masked man? What is he doing here? What gives him the right to share his opinions on this most sacred of venues, the internet? Why is he wasting my time trying to guess what I am thinking and not telling me what he is actually doing here? Well, I am the B-List Defender. I read comic books, and, after a lot of endlessly talking the ears off of people about said comic books, I have decided that I am going to review them on the internet.

I love comic books. I love reading them, rereading them, and picking them apart. I primarily love super hero comic books from the big two companies, Disney and Warner Brothers—errr, I mean Marvel and DC. Call me a corporate thrall, call me “not a true comic book fan,” here’s my number so call me maybe? (dated pop music reference, check), but I just absolutely love the characters, the shared universe and continuity idea, and the stories of Marvel and DC.

You may also be wondering what’s up with the name, “The B-List Defender?” Well, though I do read and follow many of the “A-listers” such as Captain America, Green Lantern, The Flash, and The Avengers, I can’t get enough of the B-Listers. Luke Cage, Hawkman, Ant-Man, Spider Woman, Firestorm, these are some of my favorite characters to read about. Needless to say, these are going to be most of the comics that I talk about. Don’t worry, I will still read and review some of the higher profile titles like The Avengers and The Justice League.

At the end of this post I will put my pull list as well as the pull list of my father, whose comics I also read often. This will give you an idea of the comic titles that I endorse at the moment, as well as what I am reading and will likely talk about often. I will still read comics that are not on the list often. I will also do some retro and “barely retro” reviews. These will be older comics that I think are worth talking about. Some of them may have been published in the past year, but I didn’t have this website then so I couldn’t talk about them at the time. So I will talk about them now.

From time to time, I will do editorials in addition to comic reviews. There are a lot of ideas, trends, and behind-the-scenes stuff going on that I have opinions on, and I think they are worth talking about. I will give you a fair warning, a lot of my opinions are probably going to be contentious and controversial, so hold on to your tights.

I am currently attending university and am majoring in English with a minor in creative writing. Yes, yes, jokes about useless degrees and having no future, but the jokes on you because I’m using that major right now. My reviews will be in-depth. I will discuss the plot, characters, and art of course, but, from time-to-time and as it applies, I will also take a look at the implications, subtext, and social commentary of a comic book. I will bring my wide-eyed and youthful perspective to the table, but, as a I am a second-generation comic book fan (my father raised me on these things) I also know how to look at these comics from the seasoned perspective. Am I trying to sell myself to you right now? Why yes, yes I am, but thems the breaks. I want you to come back, ya know?

Lastly, I will also occasionally talk about none-comic book topics such as television shows, movies, and video games. A lot of these are tangentially comic book related (there will most certainly be a Captain America: Civil War review up soon), but they will not always be. I love watching movies, but the catalogue of movies I’ve actually seen is… interesting and not comprehensive. So I will probably sprinkle in some random movie reviews as I watch them. Some will be newer movies; others will be older. I play a lot of video games as well, but I will probably talk about these the least. I don’t feel like I often have anything unique or insightful to say about them, and I only want to post things on here that I can feel confident in talking about.

So, yeah, that’s that. I do hope you come back and read my posts. I think they will be interesting, and you can trust me. I’m a smart guy. My first few posts will be on what I’ve read in recent weeks, a review on Captain America: Civil War, and a couple of “barely retro” reviews on comics from the past couple of years that I feel were largely overlooked by most people. I will also probably put out some editorials to give you guys and gals some ideas on how I view the industry at the moment, to give an idea of my tastes, and where I’m coming from with my opinions and perceptions. And with that, goodbye for now. I hope to see you again soon.


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